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Don't judge me by the things that I post. I have a strange sense of humor.

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britney spears rehearsing for her “piece of me” show

this is honestly traumatizing

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Where are the cute gay boys

That want to get to know me and be in a relationship? Seriously though this is retarded.

Increasing amount of trolls in Dota 2 ranked matches



In the past 24 hours I’ve gone from an mmr of 3190 to 2925. ALL because of one to two people on the team being complete assholes. I’m doing all the work and it’s not enough because it’s a team game. I’m literally going fucking crazy.

just git gud

I’m already pretty decent. 15 and 3 last earthshaker game but we still lost. Because it’s a team game and 2 of the dudes were being assholes.